Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There has been a lot of controversy with the game dodgeball because it is believed that it promotes bullying. There is also the chance of someone getting injured while playing the game. I think that with the correct modications and rules dodgeball could potentially be a game for students to enjoy. I believe that dodgeball is an activity that involves a good overall workout. It consists of running, throwing, catching, and attempting to avoid the ball. The game can be beneficial in the fact that it helps with hand-eye coordination. It can also have social benefits. It involves communication and teamwork with those who are on your team.

I think a good way to modify the game would be to use a soft foam ball. Using this type of ball would be positive because one, it wouldn't hurt as much when you are hit by it. Two, it would be easier for one to catch. And three, the ball wouldn't travel as fast as a rubber ball. Another modification would be to either make the target below the waist or another object like a cone or something other than a human target. If one is hit above the waist, the person who threw it would be out. I believe that these modifications would prevent one from being injured along with making it impossible for one to bully. Hopefully everyone would want to participate.

Dodgeball can also be very competitive. Everyone, mostly everyone wants to win. With dodgeball, no one wants to get out either. It is always nice to be the last one standing. One who gets out first may not feel as good or respected. You could make it so that you must get hit three times before you get out. Or play other versions where a teammate can get you back in the game. I do believe that dodgeball is a game that could and should be used in physical education classes. Whatever it is that you do, make sure the students are safe and having a good time.

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