Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Both Rowan and Anthony are the same age, both six years old and in kindergarten. Because of this, you would think that both would be at the same level when it came to the abilities and skills that they need to perform. When in fact this was not the case. Rowan was able to perform everything correctly when performing the leap when Anthony was only able to complete part of this skill. On the second skill, horizontal jump, Anthony was able to perform these skills correctly when Rowan had a little trouble. She struggled with having her arms extend forcefully forward and upward, reaching full extension about the head. With the last skill, Rowan also struggled a little because she didn’t keep her body turned sideways to the desired direction of travel. This shows how just because they are the same age and one is a boy and one is a girl that it doesn’t make them even, or anyone better then another. I remember watching one of the aids show Anthony how to perform the leap so that he was doing it correctly. I also remember Rowan being shown how to horizontally jump correctly. Overall, both students did a relatively good job of performing these skills. With a little help they were able to correct what they were doing wrong.

Well, I was unable to interact with the children today during the lab so I talked to one of the people in my group, emmie. She told me that depending on the setting, either in the cafeteria, gym, or a classroom, it was different. She told me that she lets the children go into their groups and games that they want to play. She then goes and finds the students that are by themselves. By doing this, she is able to connect better with that student. She also told me that by doing this, other students will come over to interact and become involved in what they are doing or talking about. When up in the gym, the best way to connect with the children is to play games with them. By giving them ideas that they can relate to or imagine it gets them more excited in what game they will be playing. For example, During the car game the children can pretend that they are the cars. And in the superhero game they believe that they are superheroes. It gets them more involved and they enjoy the game more.

After working with the children at St. Mary’s the past three weeks and observing, there is an effective strategy that can capture the attention of the children and keep them on task. One of the most important strategies is to relate to the children. By doing things that make relate to them it will get them more involved. Another strategy is being excited and involved in what is going on. The children like when you are as involved as they are. If you keep the games and rules simple but not to simple that it will bore them, there is a better chance that they are going to stay on task. One activity that keep the children captured and involved was the superhero training camp. They children seemed to love it. They could relate to what was going on and they were all so excited when you told them they could be super heroes. By broadening their imagination and making them believe that they are something that they enjoy, chances are they are going to love the activity.

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