Friday, April 10, 2009

Based on my observations and interaction with the St. Mary’s students I have learned that young children are very upbeat and hyper. I have noticed that sometimes it is hard to keep them occupied. They seem to constantly be on the go and are only into something for so long. I felt that playing the pizza game with the children was very appropriate. When you tell them that there is an oven in the middle that they cannot go though they almost take it seriously. When you exaggerate a little I feel that it gets the children more involved. Another activity that was appropriate was the game with the super heroes. The children loved it and were so involved. I feel that they probably could have played that game all day. One game that was inappropriate was the parachute game. I’m not sure if the game was to intense or overwhelming for them or if they were just very hyper and were not that interested in the activity. Overall I have learned a lot about children from observing and interacting with them at St. Mary’s.

I believe that the PRE K children were different than the older students in a few ways. The PRE K children tended to listen better to what you were telling them. I feel at times the older children just didn’t want anything to do with what you were saying when the PRE K always seemed to be involved. Also when doing an activity with the PRE K it was easier to keep them occupied as compared to the older students. I enjoyed very much working with the younger children. I liked how I could sit on the carpet and read to them and they were so interested in what I was reading even if they have heard it a hundred times. They were easy to play with and found the simplest things fun and enjoyable.

Some of the fine motor activities that I had observed were the children coloring, playing card games, and board games. The children build things with blocks and legos. In physical education it would be more suitable for gross motor skills but there could be a small concentration of fine motor skills.

I think my teaching style has emerged based upon my experience at St. Mary’s. When I first arrived there I didn’t know what to think or expect. I was quiet and somewhat unsure of how to interact with the children. The more I went the more I learned. I learned that you need to be loud and outgoing. When trying to get children involved you need to think of the things that they are going to like. Its almost like you have to bring yourself to their level and think of what it is like to be a little kid again. I think I have learned a lot in how to act and get yourself involved and also what needs to be done to have the children listen to you. Overall I believe that St. Mary's was a wonderful learning experience and has taught me a lot about teaching and being around children.

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